Unlike some other petrol stations, we offer you a wide range of products. From the fuel you choose to fill with, to the convenience snacks in our kiosks, and of course, at a price and quality you would expect from Tesco.


Our three main grades are Tesco Unleaded, Tesco Diesel and Tesco Momentum99 Super Unleaded.  

All our fuels are refined on our behalf with performance additives and detergents designed to clean and protect your engine. The largest additive package is added to our exclusive 99 Octane Super Unleaded -Tesco Momentum99. The base fuels which we use conform to and are tested regularly against the following British Standards:

  • Tesco Unleaded (BS EN228)
  • Tesco Diesel (BS EN590)
  • Tesco Momentum99 Super Unleaded (BS EN7800)


** Earn 1 point for every £2 spent on Tesco Unleaded, Tesco Diesel, Tesco Momentum99 and non-fuel items in the Petrol Filling Station kiosk. Subject to availability.  Sorry you can't collect points on tobacco or tobacco related products, lottery, stamps, prescription medicines, infant formulae milk, Tesco Gift Cards, saving stamps or for purchases of some Tesco Bank products at our Petrol Filling Station kiosks.  See here for more details.

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