The cost of filling up can be a big drain on your finances, so we make sure we pack as much value as we can into choosing a Tesco Petrol Filling Station.

We work hard to ensure that we offer a competitive fuel price wherever we operate by constantly monitoring prices in the immediate area around each individual Petrol Filling Station. This is typically up to three driven miles from the forecourt (one mile within the M25).

Tesco Momentum99 is always priced at only 5p a litre more than Tesco Unleaded 95; that's about the cost of a cup of coffee for the average fill up.+

Our kiosks are offer a range of convenience snacks and drinks but at the same prices that you would pay in the main store. Where we do have a different offer to the main store, such as the exclusive Deli Club range of sandwiches, they are big on taste for hearty appetites on a journey without being big on price (that you may find in other petrol stations).

Don't forget you can also earn Clubcard** points when you fill up. It's free to join and is a great way to get something back. You can even spend your points on fuel.

+The "average fill up" is 33 litres @5p/litre = £1.65

**Collect 1 point for every £2 spent on Tesco Unleaded and Tesco Diesel, Tesco Momentum99 or on non-fuel items in the Petrol Filling Station kiosk. Sorry you can't collect points on tobacco or tobacco related products, lottery, stamps, prescription medicines, infant formulae milk, Tesco Gift Cards, saving stamps or for purchases of some Tesco Bank products at our Petrol Filling Station kiosks.    See here for more details.

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